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Acoustic scattering problems in half space

发布时间:2018年06月13日 16:40   浏览次数:
报告人 江雪(北京邮电大学) 年月 2018-06

Weekly Seminar of Computational Science and Engineering

题目:Acoustic scattering problems in half space




摘要:In this talk, we consider the Helmholtz scattering problem in half space with impedance boundary condition. Different from the problem with Dirichlet boundary condition, the Green function of the Helmholtz equation with impedance boundary condition becomes very complicated and comprises surface waves along the locally perturbed boundary. A uniaxial perfectly matched layer (UPML) method is proposed to truncate the half space into a bounded computational domain. The main contribution is to prove the well-posedness of the PML problem and the exponential convergence of the approximate solution to the exact solution as either the thickness or the medium parameter of PML increases.




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