On the Einstein Field Equations

  • 报告人: 朱熹平教授
  • 报告人单位: 中山大学副校长, 国家杰出青年基金获得者、教育部长江讲座教授、国家自然科学二等奖获得者
  • 报告地址: 四川大学数学学院西303
  • 报告时间: 2017年7月18日星期二 15:30-16:30
  • 主题摘要:
The well-known weak cosmic censorship conjecture states that for generic asymptotically flat initial data, the future null infinity is always complete. We consider two intersected null cones, the outgoing one of which intersects with future null infinity. We show that the solution of the Einstein field equations always exists in a uniform neighborhood of the outgoing null cone. This shows the future null infinity is an open set. Since completeness is equivalent to openness and closeness, our result could be considered as the first step towards the weak cosmic censorship. This is a joint work with Junbin Li.