Observation at one point in time for parabolic equations

  • 报告人: Kim Dang PHUNGAssociated Professor
  • 报告人单位: Université d’Orléans
  • 报告地址: 长江数学中心302(2)
  • 报告时间: 2017年7月21日(周五) 17:00-18:00
  • 主题摘要:
This talk is concerned with the observation estimate at one point in time for parabolic equations in a bounded domain with Dirichlet condition(1).In the first part of the talk,results on pulse control,backward uniqueness and inverse source problem(2),fast stabilization(3) will be presented as application.In the second part of the talk,we will give the connections between the above estimate with observability and sprectral inequality of Lebeau-Robbiano type.Finally,we will give a first proof using log convexity and another one using Carleman commutators approach(4). (1)Joint work with C.Bardos (2)PHD work of N.Vo (3)Joint work with G.Wang and Y.Xu (4)Refer to “Hardy’s uncertainty principle,convexity and Schrödinger evolutions” by L.Escauriaza,C.Kenig,G.Ponce and L.Vega. JEMS(2008)