Greenberg's Conjecture for Z_p^d-towers

  • 报告人: Daqing Wan教授
  • 报告人单位: 美国加州欧文大学
  • 报告地址: 数学学院西303报告厅
  • 报告时间: 2017年9月6日10:30-11:30
  • 主题摘要:
Greenberg conjectured that the p-adic valuation of the class number for the n-th number field K_n in a Z_p^d tower of a number field K is given by a polynomial in n and p^n of total degree at most d. This is the celebrated Iwasawa theorem in the case d=1, but remains open for d>1. In this lecture, we shall show that the Greenberg conjecture is true when K is a function field.