Distributed Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: A Consensus Region Approach

  • 报告人: 李忠奎研究员
  • 报告人单位: 北京大学
  • 报告地址: 四川大学数学学院 东409报告厅
  • 报告时间: 2017年10月13日 下午4:30-5:30
  • 主题摘要:
Cooperative control of multi-agent systems (multiple autonomous vehicles) has received compelling attention from various scientific communities due to its broad applications in such areas as satellite formation flying, sensor networks, surveillance and reconnaissance, air traffic control, and future autonomous combat systems. For the consensus control problem, the main task is to design appropriate distributed consensus protocols. Designing appropriate distributed protocols is generally a challenging task, especially for multi-agent systems with complex dynamics, due to the interplay of the agent dynamics, the communication graph among agents, and the cooperative control laws. The purpose of this talk is to present our recent results on designing distributed consensus protocols for multi-agent systems with general linear agent dynamics. A unified approach built on the consensus region notion will be given. The traditional observer-based controller for a single agent will be extended to the multi-agent system setting. Distributed adaptive controllers will be introduced to achieve consensus in a fully distributed fashion.